Exploring the Times of the Year to Visit Quebec

There are many things that you can do in Québec. Whether you are visiting alone, or you have a group of friends or family, you can never run out of activities to do. It is, however, important to note that there are seasons that are busier. Going during the summer will present you with many options to choose from, especially outdoor activities.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do during the winter. You just need to align what you want to do with the season you plan to visit. Most tourists say that the best time to visit Québec is from June to September and then December through February. During both the winter and summer, there are many festivals that are held both indoors and outdoors. There are not many things that happen in the fall and spring, hence the low number of tourists. For people who are travelling on a budget, the fall and spring seasons are the best times to travel because most of the accommodations have not been booked and travel rates are relatively lower.

Visiting Between June and September

This is considered to be the perfect time to visit Québec. The summers are warm and beautiful, hence attracting large crowds. It is during this time that you will find a lot of sidewalk cafes, and many outdoor activities, including the popular walk to the old town. Some of the festivals that bring people to Québec between June and September are:

  • Québec National Holiday: This is a public holiday that was started by the French settlers to celebrate culture, history, and religion. Today, it is marked with bonfires, feasting, speeches, contests, drinking, fireworks, and other elements of celebrations.
  • Québec Summer Festivals: This is considered to be the biggest musical event that happens in Canada. It takes place in July and it brings together musicians from different parts of the world. Thousands of people show up for the event each year.
  • Les Fetes de la Nouvelle-France: This is held in August and it is a historic festival that showcases the 17th and 18th centuries that has a lot of impact on how Québec has developed. It brings together artists and people who practice different crafts. It is a whole day event.

Other than these annual events, there are also other activities that you can engage in, such as visiting some of the specialty restaurants. You can also engage in daytime activities like going on a hike to the mountains, or going for site seeing in Québec City, which is a common thing for people to do during summer.

Visiting Between December and February

This is the winter season. Winters in Québec are extremely cold, and it can get quite snowy. However, slow weather has never stopped Quebecois from engaging in different fun activities. There are many activities that are always lined up.

  • Carnaval de Québec: This is the oldest winter carnival that is held in Canada annually. The first festival was in 1894 when the owner of Québec Daily Telegraph planned for it in a bid to bring many of the people together to celebrate. It was however interrupted by the world wars and the great depression, and for many years after, it was not celebrated. It was revived in 1954 and has been held every winter since then. The carnival is held to showcase and appreciate the culture of French-Canada. It is held between January and February.
  • Québec City Snow Pentathlon: This is a multi-sports competition that brings together bikers, runners, and skiers. It is held between February and March and brings together competitors from different parts of the world.

Visiting Between March and May

This is the beginning of Spring, and there will be instances of rainfall. It is also the time when they harvest maples, so you can visit the vast farms and see how they do it. In March, there is the St. Patrick’s Day parade that involves public parades and festivals. People dress in green to mark the day. There are people who prefer to go to Quebec between March and May because there are not very many people thronging public places.